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Q: What brand of equipment do you install?

A: We install, maintain and service virtually any brand of equipment. We do, however, recommend installing Trane equipment. With our over 50 years of combined experience, we feel that Trane products provide the best value and reliability that we can offer our clients.

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Q: Can energy efficient heating and cooling systems reduce my energy bills? 

A: New energy-efficient air conditioning and heating systems could save you as much as 50% on energy bills. Depending on your current operating costs, some newer, high-efficiency models could save you enormously. With the rising costs of gas, modern gas furnaces are provide between 30 to 40 percent more efficiency boosts over your older models.

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Q: Can I just get my air conditioner and furnace checked at the same time?

A: Preventative maintenance is a great idea. If you get your systems checked once a year, it will dramatically reduce the chances of a breakdown. We recommend checking the air conditioner in the spring and the furnace in the fall. The reason for this is because reading the refrigeration levels of your air conditioning unit will be more accurate at higher outdoor temperatures. On the other hand, we can check heating systems more optimally if we can fully operate the system in the cooler fall weather. So it’s better to do preventative maintenance on these systems separately.

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Q: How do I select the right heating and cooling systems?

A: First, consult with experts that will make sure the unit is properly sized for your space. We can provide load calculations for your building or home, as well as an energy analysis to determine what kind of more efficient operating cost you can expect. Next, we will go over the comfort issues that are specific to your spaces. For instance, some products can reduce uneven temperatures from room to room. Additionally, there are some product recommendations to improve air quality in your home if you suffer from allergies. Finally, we will let you know if and how soon your monthly energy savings over time will offset the cost of the new unit or efficiency option that you are considering. We will be there to help you consider all these factors as you decide on a new heating or cooling system.

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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