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Duct Repair and Replacement Services in Westfield, NJ and the Surrounding Area

The majority of homeowners in New Jersey—and in America for that matter—rely on forced air distribution systems to heat and cool the air throughout their homes. This includes systems such as furnaces, heat pumps, central air conditioners, and more.

This type of heating and cooling makes a lot of sense. It enables prompt and effective whole-house heating or cooling. But without properly functioning ductwork, this is all a moot point. If your ducts are not in good working order, then there is no way you can efficiently use your HVAC system.

If you believe your ducts have been compromised in any way, then it’s time to give the professionals at Air Creations, Inc. a call. Your ducts may just need a quick repair. However, there are other times where the problem may be more serious and you need duct replacement, whether it’s just a section of your ducts or all of them.

Signs That Your Ducts Need Help

How do you know, exactly, if your ducts are in trouble? The vast majority of ductwork is hidden from view. It exists behind walls, under flooring, or even above your ceiling in your attic area. Naturally, none of these are areas that you would inspect on an ordinary basis, so you could remain unaware of issues for months.

Despite this, there are plenty of warning signs you can keep an eye out for. For example, you might notice uneven heating or cooling in your home. Or perhaps you’ve sensed decreased indoor air quality as pollutants and allergens have seeped in through your HVAC system. Higher energy costs are another common sign.

When Duct Repair Is an Option

There are many cases in which duct repair can help you resolve the problems you are experiencing. Air leaks through gaps, holes, or tears in the system are typically what necessitate this type of service, though duct repair needs can take on many different forms, such as issues with rattling, loose ductwork that’s become detached from its fixtures.

Whatever the problem is with your air ducts, you can count on our expertly trained staff of duct repair technicians to see that it is resolved in a timely manner. Of course, it’s also important to realize that there are certain situations in which a duct repair just won’t cut it.

Could Duct Replacement Be Best?

Ideally your ductwork issues can be fixed with a quick repair. However in some cases, duct replacement really does make the most sense. Perhaps your ducts were damaged due to construction mishaps or serious corrosion. Or maybe a severe weather occurrence affected your attic.

Ducts can also suffer damage if they were poorly designed or improperly installed to begin with, or if your ductwork is not of the right size for your system. If you inherited your HVAC system with your home at the time of your purchase, then chances are you won’t know if this is the case. So if something has raised your concerns about your ductwork, it’s time to give the ductwork experts a call.

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