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Dehumidifiers & Service in Westfield, NJ and the Surrounding Area

High humidity and the excess moisture that it causes is a bigger deal than many homeowners realize. If the relative humidity level during a hot day rises higher than 50%, it makes the temperature feel even warmer than it normally would. Even on a cool day, excessive humidity can create a very uncomfortable and unhealthy living space.

The excess moisture humidity brings causes more problems than just discomfort, too. This is particularly true when you are indoors, where the rise in humidity can lead to property damage and excessive use of your air conditioner, making it work harder than necessary. While there isn’t much you can do about outdoor humidity, indoor humidity is another story.

Air Creations, Inc. installs and services whole-house dehumidifiers to give you balanced indoor humidity, while living by our motto of “we do it right.” You don’t want your air to be too damp or too dry. Our services include maintenance, repairs, and dehumidifier replacement. Call us today to arrange for this service in Westfield or the surrounding area.

How Does a Dehumidifier Work?

Your standard air conditioner does have some dehumidification capabilities, though they are very limited. In an air conditioning system, the evaporator coil draws heat from the air, and causes moisture to condense along the coil. This lowers the vapor level in the air. However, an AC is not a dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers are dedicated devices that operate on the same principle as your AC to properly balance humidity levels. A whole–house dehumidifier is installed directly into the HVAC system and consists of an evaporator coil to absorb heat and draw out moisture. It then removes moisture down through a drain, and finally reheats the air so it won’t interfere with the operation of the air conditioner.

Choosing the Best Dehumidifier for Your New Jersey Home

Room dehumidifiers are very limited in their capabilities, given that they only have an effect on the room they are placed in. The best dehumidifier for whole–house comfort is one that is integrated into your HVAC system. This can benefit your home in many ways:

  • Comfort: Excess moisture can aggravate the symptoms of allergy and asthma sufferers. Additionally, it makes hot days seem even hotter since your sweat won’t evaporate as quickly. Drier air resolves this.
  • Energy Savings: When you use your whole–house dehumidifier, you can use your air conditioner less—or at least turn it up a couple of degrees. Since you’ll be running your AC less often, you’ll save money in warmer months.
  • Water Damage Prevention: Humidity leads to issues with water damage, which in turn results in the growth of mold and mildew. A dehumidifier removes the root of this problem.

Rely on Professionals for Your Dehumidifier Installation & Repair Services

Dehumidifiers are complex machines, much like HVAC systems. As such, it’s vital that you not trust dehumidifier services to just anyone. In addition to professional installation, our team at Air Creations, Inc. offers thorough dehumidifier repair services.

We also offer regular maintenance services to residents in central and northern New Jersey. This comes as part of our other HVAC maintenance services, known as our ComfortPlus plans. When you sign up for one of these plans, you’ll enjoy repair discounts, priority service, and more. Give us a call today and experience the peace of mind that routine service from our professionals offers.

ComfortPlus Plan

  • First-response scheduling
  • Your call is placed at front of queue
  • Free diagnostic
  • No troubleshooting charges
  • Service discounts
  • 20 percent discount off billable repairs
  • Multiple unit discounts
  • Free quotes on upgrades or accessories
  • Documentation service

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