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Zone Control Systems & Service in Westfield, NJ and the Surrounding Area

When you walk into your home in the dark, chances are you don’t flip just one switch to light up all the fixtures in your house. Yet, this is the concept most people use for their heating and air conditioning. It is a little unreasonable when you thinking about it. Homes with multiple occupants are going to have different home comfort preferences.

Fortunately, we have an excellent solution for you. Contact a member of our customer-oriented staff at Air Creations, Inc. today to learn more about zone control systems in central and northern New Jersey. Zone heating and cooling is a relatively simple concept: it allows you to use your central air conditioner but separate your home into zones, with as few as 2 zones to as many as you have rooms in your home.

Zone heating or air conditioning does require a skilled technician in order to ensure proper installation. We can put a brand new system in your home, or replace an existing one should you need it. We’re also highly trained to conduct any zone system repairs that you may need as well as routine maintenance.

What Is a Zone Heating and Cooling System?

Zone control systems comprise three basic components. These include a set of electronically controlled dampers, multiple thermostats, and a central control panel. Dampers are wired into the central control panel and installed strategically throughout your ductwork.

The thermostats are also wired into the control panel, with each one being installed in its corresponding temperature zone in the home. You and your HVAC professional will determine how to zone your home for optimal heating and cooling.

When you adjust one of the thermostats, its related damper will allow either more or less conditioned air into the zone. This allows you to maintain different temperatures in different areas of your home, which means you can live with improved comfort with greater energy efficiency.

We Offer Professional Zone Control System Installation Service

In order to enjoy the full benefits of your zone heating and zone air conditioning system, you need to know that your zone control system is designed correctly. You won’t be able to distribute conditioned air strategically if the system itself is designed poorly.

When you allow us to perform your zone system installation, you won’t have to worry about that. Our team will make sure that each component in the system is integrated into your HVAC system successfully, and that it operates at its best. We also offer zone system replacements, should you find that your old system doesn’t function properly or wasn’t designed well upon installation.

Schedule Zone Control System Services in Westfield, NJ and the Surrounding Area

If you find that you aren’t getting enough heated or cooled air sent to a certain part of your home, then you may have a problem with your zone control system. This is also true if you have trouble maintaining even temperatures when you want to keep your entire home at one temperature.

Whatever issue you have with your zone heating system or zone air conditioning system, you can count on our decades of experience as we work to resolve your issue properly. We understand how frustrating it is to be uncomfortable in your own home, and will ensure we offer the best in service when we conduct repairs.

Additionally, enrolling in one of our ComfortPlus maintenance plans gets you priority service, repair discounts, free diagnostics, and more. Regular maintenance will help our technicians sufficiently inspect and clean your system, and make recommendations for any small repairs your system may need.

ComfortPlus Plan

  • First-response scheduling
  • Your call is placed at front of queue
  • Free diagnostic
  • No troubleshooting charges
  • Service discounts
  • 20 percent discount off billable repairs
  • Multiple unit discounts
  • Free quotes on upgrades or accessories
  • Documentation service

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