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Dual Fuel Systems & Service in Westfield, NJ and the Surrounding Area

Air Creations, Inc. has been helping to keep the community comfortable for decades, and in that time, we’ve learned that it’s important to offer options to our customers. One heating system that we’re proud to offer for new installations or replacements is the dual fuel system. Dual fuel systems combine two of the most popular heating systems on the market today: heat pumps and furnaces.

Efficient, high-performance, and durable, these systems are ideal for homeowners in central and northern New Jersey. And you can get a dual fuel system with the power to heat and cool a home from the friendly technicians at Air Creations, Inc.. We’re a team of highly trained specialists you can trust in your home with any new installation, system replacement, repair, or maintenance service. Call us to learn more!

How Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel Systems Work

The two fuels in a hybrid heat dual fuel system are natural gas and electricity. The system is a hybrid between a natural gas furnace, which uses the combustion of natural gas to heat the air, and a heat pump, which uses refrigeration to move heat around.

Furnaces are reliable and natural gas does not tend to cost very much, at least when compared to electricity. However, heat pumps don’t use very much electricity because they only use it to move heat around from one place to another—not to produce heat.

A heat pump is a heating and cooling system in one, using refrigerant to move heat into a home in the winter, and to transfer heat out in the summer (just like a regular AC system). Heat transfer is an efficient heating method, until temperatures approach freezing.

At this point, you need an alternative heating system. When a heat pump is no longer the most efficient heating option, your hybrid system automatically switches over to the heat pump to help you save money.

Hydro Air Systems: Another Kind of Hybrid Heat

Another type of hybrid system that we offer is the hydro air system. This uses a boiler to produce heat. A boiler is a hot–water heating system—not something that typically gets used with the air ducts in a home. Instead, boilers usually circulate heat throughout the home via a system of hot water pipes.

However, a hydro air system is different. The boiler heats up the water, but then it sends it to a set of coils in an air handler—much like the air handler in a central AC system—with a blower fan to distribute heat to the ducts.

One of the major advantages to this type of hybrid heat system is the ease of zone distribution: creating different zones in order to heat rooms to different temperatures.

Schedule Dual Fuel System Installation, Repair or Maintenance

Call Air Creations, Inc. to learn about dual fuel heat pumps and hydro air systems and to find out what type of heater is best for your home. We won’t ever try to push you into purchasing a system that is not in your best interest. We want you to find a high–performance, energy–efficient heater if you’re in central or northern New Jersey, so make us your go–to source for your home comfort.

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