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Duct Insulation Service in Westfield, NJ and the Surrounding Area

Insulation is a vital part of keeping your central or northern New Jersey home comfortable and energy efficient throughout the year. Most homeowners are aware of how insulation helps in cold weather, but many don’t know that it helps in the summer as well. Insulation works as a thermal barrier that slows down the movement of heat from one area to another.

During colder temperatures, a layer of insulation works to keep heat inside your home trapped. During hotter weather however, the insulation keeps outside heat from finding its way in. And insulation is not just for the walls and attic floor of your home.

Insulation needs to be part of your system’s ductwork, which carries conditioned air from your heater or air conditioner to the various rooms in your house. If your ducts are poorly insulated or have insulation that is degrading, then there will be a decline in comfort in your home, and a rise in energy bills. Be sure to call Air Creations, Inc. today to learn more.

The Benefits of Proper Duct Insulation

Areas in your home such as your attic and spots between walls, naturally, are not kept either heated or cooled throughout the year. So, as temperatures soar or plummet, the air inside your ducts is affected. Without efficient insulation, the heat inside the ducts during winter will begin to escape—or the heat outside the ducts in the summer will come in.

Proper duct insulation will prevent your HVAC system from working too hard to compensate for lost heat. It’s important that the insulation is put in correctly as well, since it can cause other problems if it’s too weak or too strong. Our professionals will ensure that you have the best insulation for your ducts, whether it’s a new installation or a repair.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

One concern that some homeowners have about fiberglass insulation is that it will make its way into their ductwork, and thus expose their indoor air to unnecessary contaminants—or even that it will support microbe growth. 

However, professional quality duct insulation actually benefits indoor air quality.

As long as your duct insulation is installed by an expert and is well–maintained, then the fiberglass will stay in place and will not encourage the growth of microbes. Major universities have conducted numerous studies, which have found that insulated ducts do not have a negative impact on your indoor air quality.

Depend On Us for Professional Installation Services in Westfield, NJ and the Surrounding Area

At Air Creations, Inc., we stand by our motto of, "we do it right!" So when it comes to installing your ductwork insulation, you can rely on the professionals on our team. Whether you are planning to have new ductwork put in your home or if your old ducts are suffering from heat loss or gain and need repair, we are the company to call.

We will precisely install your ductwork insulation so that your indoor comfort is enhanced and your energy bills stay down. We’ll also ensure that your new insulation always benefits your indoor air quality and never harms it.

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