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Cooling Off Some Common Air Conditioning Myths

woman-with-glassesThe internet has made it easy for people to access information on just about any topic with only a few keyboard clicks. But it also makes it easy for people to access misinformation as well, and many myths have now spread far and wide because of the web.

Air conditioning systems aren’t immune to this: there are many myths about how AC systems operate that we still run into. But we’d like to use the power of the internet to dispel some of these myths. Below are a few of the more common misunderstandings about air conditioning systems that you may have read or heard.

MYTH #1: An AC doesn’t need maintenance if nothing seems wrong with it

The word seems shows the flaw in this. An air conditioner may seem fine, but that doesn’t mean it is fine. One of the jobs of air conditioning is to find out if there’s a hidden problem developing in a cooling system so it can be addressed before it becomes worse. Maintenance also prevents problems from developing in the first place thanks to adjustments and cleanings. All HVAC professionals recommend air conditioners receive maintenance done once a year, and spring is the best time for it.

MYTH #2: The refrigerant in an air conditioner needs to be topped off occasionally

Although an air conditioner may require more refrigerant at some point in its service life, that’s only because of leaks in the system. If an AC doesn’t have leaks, the same amount of refrigerant that was put in the unit when it was installed will last for the system’s entire life. Refrigerant isn’t an energy source; it’s a heat transference medium, and as it goes through absorbing and releasing heat it doesn’t dissipate.

MYTH #3: Closing vents in unoccupied rooms can save on cooling bills

Just because the shutters in room vents can be closed doesn’t mean they should be closed. In fact, closing them can lead to serious problems, and it does no good as far as saving energy goes. The AC’s compressor and fans will do the same amount of work. In fact, they might end up doing more because of the increase in pressure in the ventilation system from the shut vent covers. If you want zone cooling, we recommend an upgrade to a zone control system.

MYTH #4: Ice on an AC is perfectly normal

Cold means ice—so why not see some ice on your air conditioner? The same reason you don’t want to see ice developing inside your refrigerator. It means something has gone wrong with the heat transfer cycle so that refrigerant in the evaporator coil is not warming up from heat absorption. The ice in an AC doesn’t increase cooling, but lowers it because it blocks heat absorption. If you see ice on your air conditioner, call for HVAC professionals. (Don’t try to scrape the ice on your own.)

Your Cranford, NJ air conditioning is in the best hands when you rely on our professionals. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a completely new cooling system installation or you only want to schedule routine maintenance. You can trust us to do the job right.

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