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Commercial HVAC Question: What Is an Economizer?

Monday, June 26th, 2017

rooftop-unitsIf you operate a business in Westfield, NJ or the surrounding areas, the HVAC equipment that keeps your commercial spaces properly conditioned around the year is an essential part of daily operations. But few people really understand the workings of commercial air conditioning and the ways it is often different from residential air conditioning and heating. This is why you must always work with commercial HVAC experts in Westfield, NJ for all jobs, large and small.

One of the least understood parts of commercial HVAC—a part that many customers have no idea is even there—is the economizer. An economizer is an important part of helping keep costs low when providing environmental control for a building.

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How Proper Ventilation Is Crucial for Your Business

Monday, February 20th, 2017

commercial-ventilation-tubingAt Air Creations, Inc., we’re proud to offer assistance to businesses in the area as well as homes. We handle heating, air conditioning, and ventilation for small businesses (ones that need HVAC systems 25 tons and under). Today, we want to focus on the ventilation part of our service, because proper ventilation and air balancing in a business is something that’s easy to overlook. Here in New Jersey, with cold winters and warm summers, business owners tend to focus on their heating and air conditioning systems. That’s natural, and of course it’s vital that these comfort systems remain in top shape. But poor ventilation can lead to serious problems.

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