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How Duct Leaks Give Your AC a Hard Time (And You As Well)

Monday, July 24th, 2017

money-going-up-chimneySo here’s a quick quiz: imagine something has gone wrong with the cooling system in your house. What comes to mind right away? Is it…

  1. One of the fans broke down
  2. An electric circuit broke
  3. The thermostat is on the fritz
  4. The system is just getting too old to handle the heat
  5. The ducts of the ventilation system are leaking

We would guess that your answer was probably… well, probably not “5.” Unless you read the title of this post carefully. But if you didn’t already know the subject of this post, be honest: would you have picked “5”?

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This Fall Is a Good Time for Duct Testing!

Monday, August 29th, 2016

The actual start of fall is only a few weeks away, and it’s already time to start making preparations for the change of seasons—a bit of “fall cleaning.” One job you might consider for this time of year is to look after your home’s air ducts.

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