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The Importance of Late Season AC Repairs

Monday, September 18th, 2017

ac-unit-with-wrenches-on-itYes, fall is officially here (or at least it will be a few days after we post this) and the temperatures have started to cool down to being merely warm. With children back in school and college football already on television, your thoughts may have shifted into the autumn mode. We hope this means you’ve also put “heating maintenance” on your to-do list and will arrange for it soon. It’s never too early in the fall to have this important job done!

However, it’s never too late for air conditioning repairs. This might not have occurred to you, even though the AC in your home will still be running during many days in September. If you have noticed anything wrong with your air conditioner, even something that seems minor like an odd noise, you should have our professionals take a look at it. Prompt air conditioning repair in Clark, NJ and the surrounding areas is important no matter how close the cooling of fall is.

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How Often Does My Home Need Duct Cleaning?

Monday, May 15th, 2017

duct-cleaning-before-afterYou may have heard suggestions to have the air ducts in your home cleaned, either from advice on a website (you’re reading one of these now) or from a sales person offering to take on the job for a surprising small amount of money (uh, we’ll get into this later).

Yes, your home’s ducts do need regular cleaning. The big question is how often do you need this duct cleaning?

Duct Cleaning Frequency

You’ll hear different answers for this, but from our 30 years of experience we believe duct cleaning in a house should be done every 5 to 10 years. This is provided the HVAC system has proper regular filter maintenance; we recommend you change the HVAC filter every 1 to 3 months, depending on the type of filter. (This is a topic for a different post. You can always ask us during regular maintenance for our expert advice.)

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Dealing with the Lions and Lambs of March with Your HVAC System

Monday, March 6th, 2017

sun-and-snowflake-badgeMarch has definitely entered “like a lion” here in New Jersey, with a severe thunderstorm watch on the first day of the month! The saying that “March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb” acknowledges that when the month begins it is still winter, and by the time it ends (specifically, after March 20th) it is spring.

However, this proverb is often phrased the other way around, and that’s because you never quite know what is going to happen in March. (MARCH MADNESS! That’s the better proverb.) This is a strange month for the weather, and it always has been. These storms could vanish in days and turn to powerful and warm sunshine—and then a cold snap might follow the next week.

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Is It Time for a New Commercial Heating System?

Monday, January 9th, 2017

If you run a business in New Jersey, one of the nightmare scenarios for winter is a heating system that abruptly gives out. A frigid cold building means unproductive employees, complaining clients and tenants, and customers who will simply go elsewhere. No matter what type of commercial enterprise you run, a dependable heating system is a must.

To help make sure that your heating system continues working, it’s vital to recognize when it’s time to replace it with a new one. Below are some of our tips for when to call us to arrange for a new commercial heating system.

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How to Choose Qualified HVAC Contractors

Monday, December 5th, 2016

One of the paradoxes of modern living is the “paradox of choice.” It’s really a variation of the adage, “hundreds of channels on TV and nothing to watch.” When there are so many options available, it’s hard to make a decision for fear that you may end up with a substandard product or service.

We’re aware of how this affects the HVAC industry, because anyone with access to an Internet connection can type in a few search terms to locate a contractor—and come up with an enormous list of possibilities. When you face this dilemma, you’ll want a simple answer to the question: “Who is a qualified HVAC contractor?”

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