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Should I Shut Down My Furnace for the Summer?

Monday, April 30th, 2018

sunshine-iconYou’re probably happy to read this headline, because it means summer is getting closer and you’re that much nearer to not needing your home’s furnace at all. (At least until toward the end of the year.) But when the warmer weather settles in and the furnace won’t have to run, should you shut the system down entirely?

The answer depends on the type of furnace installed in your house. The main reason to shut down a furnace for the season is to avoid energy waste or possible safety hazards, and this isn’t the same for all furnaces.

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March Is Here, But You Still Need to Watch Your Heating System

Monday, March 5th, 2018

cold-manMarch is one of the trickiest months when it comes to figuring out the weather. The first part of the month is in winter, and the last is in spring, although it can sometimes act as if the opposite were true. This is why you always need to pay attention to your household heating system at this time of year. It’s getting close to the day when you can shut down the heater for the season, but cold weather may linger for a while or even come back in a fury.

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Can My Gas Furnace Become Dangerous?

Monday, January 8th, 2018

gas-energy-flamesMore than 64 million homes in the U.S. use natural gas for winter heat. That number alone can give you an idea of the safety issues with gas furnaces—i.e. not that many. If gas furnaces posed a basic health threat to a home, they wouldn’t be installed in so many of them around the country. Current standards for the manufacturers of natural gas furnaces place a special emphasis on maintaining safe operation. Furnaces are designed with numerous safeguards, such as a limit switch that prevents a furnace from overheating.

However, no natural gas appliance can ever be 100% problem-proof. Although you shouldn’t fret about using your gas furnace during the winter, you should make sure you take precautions each year to help it keep up its safety record.

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Why Timely Furnace Repair Is Critical

Monday, October 16th, 2017

furnace-burnersNow that it’s the middle of October, you’ve probably got cooler weather and winter planning on your mind. Have you arranged for maintenance for your gas furnace yet? If not, there’s no time like the present to sign up for our Comfort Plan so you can have your furnace tuned-up and inspected. Then it will be ready to tackle any cold weather!

But no matter how well you care for your furnace, it may still malfunction. If you detect something wrong with your furnace, but it’s still able to work, don’t ignore the problem. Call for repairs. There are some good reasons why prompt furnace repair in Summit, NJ from our trained technicians is so important.

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How to Choose Qualified HVAC Contractors

Monday, December 5th, 2016

One of the paradoxes of modern living is the “paradox of choice.” It’s really a variation of the adage, “hundreds of channels on TV and nothing to watch.” When there are so many options available, it’s hard to make a decision for fear that you may end up with a substandard product or service.

We’re aware of how this affects the HVAC industry, because anyone with access to an Internet connection can type in a few search terms to locate a contractor—and come up with an enormous list of possibilities. When you face this dilemma, you’ll want a simple answer to the question: “Who is a qualified HVAC contractor?”

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The Right Filter for Your HVAC System

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Having regular professional maintenance for your heating system is an essential annual step to make sure the heater works at its best and runs into few malfunctions. But there is an important maintenance task that you need to do on your own during the rest of the winter, which is to regularly change the HVAC system’s air filter. If this filter is allowed to become clogged, it will severely cut down on the energy efficiency of the heater, raising your bills and lowering your comfort.

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Details about Our Comfort Plan and How It Can Help You

Monday, November 14th, 2016

We often receive questions through email or on the phone about our maintenance service. We offer a special maintenance plan called the Comfort Plan, and it can make a tremendous difference for customers when it comes to more than comfort—it’s a great way to save money and enjoy peace of mind that a heating and AC system will remain safe and operational around the year.

Below we’ve listed some of the details about how our Comfort Plan works. Just give us a call or send us a message online to find out anything you wish to know, and to sign up!

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