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Get Genuine AC Maintenance—Not Just a “Spring Tune-Up”

service-blue-markerWe’re now moving toward the edge of summer, so if you haven’t yet arranged for your regular spring air conditioning maintenance, we recommend having it done soon. When the summer heat hits, you won’t want to be without your AC for long.

But… you want to make sure that you have full, thorough, professional air conditioning maintenance service. This includes a complete inspection, cleaning, and tune-up. At this time of year, many HVAC contractors start offering “Spring Tune-Up Specials,” advertising a low-cost to come to your house and prep your air conditioner for the approaching hot weather. These tune-up specials can be as low as $35, which sounds like a great deal. But it isn’t.

What These “Spring Tune-Up Specials” Really Are

The short version: A super inexpensive tune-up is actually a way to trick a customer into paying for an air conditioning repair they probably don’t need.

From a business perspective, it’s not possible to offer maintenance for a customer’s air conditioning system for less than $70 and make a profit from it. The service has to find something wrong with the AC in order to make the call worthwhile. And that’s exactly what ends up happening. The technician comes to the house, goes over a short checklist to inspect the AC, and then notices something wrong that will cost $200 or more to repair. Even if there’s nothing wrong, the technician will find something.

We recommend you be wary of any offer to maintain your air conditioning system that costs less than $100. A company advertising such a low-ball offer isn’t going to provide you with a legitimate tune-up that does your AC any good. When it comes to HVAC service, you absolutely get what you pay for.

We Offer Full Air Conditioning Maintenance

Arrange for the air conditioning service in Summit, NJ you need to enjoy a great summer in cool comfort: get in touch with our team today and ask about our Comfort Plan. We’ll see that your AC receives the extensive treatment it needs to sail through the hot weather with few (if any) troubles—and sail through many summers to come.

If you’re a member of our Comfort Plan, your annual spring air conditioning maintenance visit is only $137—a large discount off the regular cost of $199. And yes, this is genuine maintenance, not just a checklist or an excuse to excavate unnecessary repairs. Our technicians provide a deep inspection of the system, clean the coils, lubricate the motors, put in a new standard-type 1” filter, and much more. Their aim is to see that your air conditioner functions at peak condition for the coming season. You’ll enjoy lower utility bills, a reliable AC (important on those hot days), and a long service life for the system. Investing in regular maintenance with professionals pays off in many ways.

The Comfort Plan also includes heating maintenance in the fall and other benefits such as first-response priority scheduling, 20% discounts off billable repairs, free diagnostics, and no troubleshooting charges.

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