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A Closer Look at Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance

air-conditioning-plastic-grillEarlier this month, we looked at spring maintenance tasks to take care of as March gets underway. One of those jobs was maintaining the air conditioning system so that it’s ready to handle the hot weather when it arrives. This is the most important of all spring maintenance jobs, and we want to examine it in more detail: why it needs to be done and what it involves.

But before we get those topics, we must stress that—aside from changing the air filter in the HVAC system—air conditioning maintenance is a job for trained professionals. To find the right HVAC technicians for your air conditioning maintenance in Mountainside, NJ, contact our offices. We have a long history, stretching back to 1987, providing quality AC and heating services to the area. Our Comfort Plan makes it easy to have regular maintenance for both your AC and heater.

Why Spring AC Maintenance Is Essential

HVAC maintenance is often compared to auto maintenance, and it’s a good analogy. You would never want to go on a long car trip in an aging vehicle unless you have it maintained before. And you wouldn’t want to skip regular maintenance on a vehicle year after year—it would end up causing the car to die on you years too early.

An air conditioner builds up an enormous amount of mechanical and other types of stress during a summer, and unless it receives annual maintenance, it will start to suffer from these problems:

  • Inefficient operation: Every year that an AC misses its spring tune-up and inspection, its energy efficiency will drop approximately 5%. In only a few years, the system will cost much more to run than it should, wasting money each time it comes on.
  • Increased repair needs: Around 85% of the repairs that an AC may need over its lifetime are avoidable if the system has regular maintenance. Cutting down on all these unnecessary repairs means saving money and enjoying more consistent AC performance.
  • Shortened system life: As with a car, an air conditioner that isn’t maintained will end up failing far earlier. The average lifespan of an AC is between 10 to 15 years, but one that often misses tune-ups and inspections may not even make it to half that age.

What Goes into Regular Maintenance?

A professional HVAC technician does many different tasks during air conditioning maintenance. The job starts with looking over all the important components (including the thermostat) to find places where repairs may be needed. The inspection also finds where adjustments and cleaning need to be done, which guides the rest of the maintenance. The technician also checks on the refrigerant level to make sure it hasn’t leaked. The various tune-up jobs include cleaning the outdoor coil (and sometimes the indoor coil), lubricating moving parts of motors, cleaning out the condensate drain and pan, and tightening all electrical connections.

Once the job is done (unless there are repairs that need to be scheduled), the air conditioning system will be in prime shape to run through the summer with minimal problems.

To learn more about our Comfort Plan and to get started with your AC maintenance, reach out to us today.

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