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Electric Furnace vs. Gas Furnace: Which Wins the Fight?

Furnaces are the most common type of heating system in homes. If you’re thinking of installing a new heater for your house this fall to prep for the winter, you’re most likely debating about getting a furnace.

But what type of furnace? The two major choices today are the gas furnace and the electric furnace. Putting these two heating types up against each other, which one wins?

The Gas Furnace Wins!

A gas furnace has a major advantage in this fight, which is that it can provide a level of heating power that few other systems can match. No matter how cold the weather is, a gas furnace can outmatch the chill. This kind of furnace can even keep a drafty home with poor insulation comfortable.

In addition, gas is one of the least expensive energy sources available. You’ll save money month-to-month with the right gas furnace in your home compared to using an electric furnace.

The Electric Furnace Wins!

The electric furnace has a special knock-out punch: it can work in any home, where a gas furnace must be in a home with a connection to the municipal gas line. But an electric furnace has a few other advantages: while it costs more to run, it’s less expensive to purchase up front than a gas furnace. And if you’re worried about hazards from carbon monoxide, an electric furnace make a safe option.

When You Call Us for Furnace Installation, You Win!

The real answer to this debate is to call up our HVAC professionals and have them help you determine the right system for your house. Each house has different heating needs, and we can find out the ideal heater to meet your specific needs. Bring us in early for your next furnace installation, and we’ll get the job done right.

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