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How Duct Leaks Give Your AC a Hard Time (And You As Well)

money-going-up-chimneySo here’s a quick quiz: imagine something has gone wrong with the cooling system in your house. What comes to mind right away? Is it…

  1. One of the fans broke down
  2. An electric circuit broke
  3. The thermostat is on the fritz
  4. The system is just getting too old to handle the heat
  5. The ducts of the ventilation system are leaking

We would guess that your answer was probably… well, probably not “5.” Unless you read the title of this post carefully. But if you didn’t already know the subject of this post, be honest: would you have picked “5”?

The basic truth is people don’t think much about the ductwork in their HVAC system, even though that’s what the letter “V” (ventilation) covers. When an air conditioner starts to lose cooling power or cost too much to run, homeowners are likely to focus on the possibility of options A through D. But poor ductwork that’s leaking air is a common problem. But it’s also one we can help you with: we offer duct testing and duct sealing in Mountainside, NJ and elsewhere in central and northern New Jersey. We even handle new duct fabrication if you’re looking to have a complete do-over for your home’s ventilation system or you’re building a new home.

When Ducts Go Bad… Here’s What Can Happen with the AC

When leaks start up in ducts, a number of problems can crop up.

  • Hike in cooling costs: Here’s a scary number: up to 30% of the air moving through the ventilation system of a home can be lost due to air leaks. Think of what that means for your bills. You’re paying to cool down the air, but almost a third of it never reaches you!
  • Additional stress on the AC components: Think about specifically why you’re paying more when cooled air doesn’t reach you. The air conditioner has to keep working to replace the lost air! Not only does that mean higher bills, it means the air conditioner’s mechanical parts are doing more work, leading to a higher occurrence of malfunctions and a system that will need to be replaced early.
  • Hot spots around the house: No matter how much more an AC works to make up for air vanishing through leaks, it won’t be able to cool as effectively. This is because the leaks cause the air pressure to drop in the ventilation system and reduce airflow to the various vents. Rooms around the house will receive less cooled air and you’ll discover hot spots.

Duct Repair from Professionals

You can’t repair leaking ducts on your own. This task requires better tools than store-bought duct tape (which doesn’t even work on ducts, but that’s a whole other story). You’ll need technicians who can first do duct testing to locate where the leaks are, and then use tools such as mastic sealant and metallic tape to seal the holes and repair breaks.

No matter what problems you’re having with your AC, let our technicians look over it. We can repair the AC or take on duct repair work you might need.

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