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Repair or Replace? The Great Air Conditioning Debate

When an air conditioning system starts to run into problems delivering cool conditions in a home—or it stops working entirely—calling for repairs is the normal step to take. But sometimes repairs are not the most effective route; there will come a time when it’s better to replace the AC entirely rather than to keep doing fix after fix.

How will you know when it’s time to repair your AC—or replace it? We’ve provided a short guide below. But always check with an HVAC professional before making any solid decision. You’ll need professionals for the replacement service anyway!

The Air Conditioner’s Age

The standard service life for modern air conditioning systems is between 10 to 15 years. When an AC is over 15 years old, it’s in higher danger of rapidly wearing down and losing its energy efficiency. Even an air conditioning unit that’s outwardly working fine probably should be replaced when it has passed the 15 year milestone.

The Number and Cost of Repairs

Scheduling two or more repairs for an air conditioner per year is too many repairs. Most ACs require the largest number of repairs during their last two years of service, so an increase in repair frequency usually means a system is approaching the end of its usefulness. And if any single repair would cost half the price of a replacement, choose replacement.

Increasing Operating Costs

Keep track of your utility bills during the summer so you can detect upward trends. When the cost to keep your home cooled down each year steadily rises even with repairs and routine maintenance, it often means the air conditioner is slowly wearing down into an energy waster.

Loud Noises

A single strange noise from an air conditioner usually points toward a repair need. Constant noise points toward a system that’s ready for retirement.

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