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Your AC Isn’t a Dehumidifier! Here’s How to Deal with High Humidity

When the relative humidity level rises above 60%, even the average hot summer day can start to feel unbearable. It isn’t that the humidity is making the air hotter; what’s actually happening is the moisture in the air is making it more difficult for your body to release extra heat through perspiration. This means you have more heat trapped in your body, and this in turn makes temperatures feel warmer, sometimes 10° hotter than they really are.

Your AC Can’t Handle Humidity on Its Own

An air conditioning system in your house will help you stay cool, regardless of the humidity levels. But when the humidity is above 60%, you’ll need to keep the air conditioner running longer than normal in order to keep comfortable, and that means energy waste and extra wear and tear on the system.

The standard AC system does some dehumidification. As refrigerant evaporates in the refrigerant coil indoors, moisture in the air condenses along the coil, then drips out into a condensate pan and down a drain. This lowers the humidity level indoors slightly, but rarely enough to a make difference in for your comfort. Simply put, an air conditioner is not also a dehumidifier.

Installing a Whole-House Dehumidifier

If humidity in your home is a regular problem, causing not only discomfort but also problems with water damage, slow-drying towels, and mold growth, it’s a good idea to call HVAC professionals to install a whole-house dehumidifier. This dedicated dehumidifier will help you balance the relative humidity between 30% and 50%, without making the house too dry. The dehumidifier is integrated into your HVAC system and is designed to remove moisture without interfering with the air conditioning system. Once you have balanced humidity, you can expect to use your air conditioning system less and begin enjoying energy savings.

To find out more about whole-house dehumidifiers or to schedule installation of one, call on Air Creations, Inc. in Westfield, NJ. We do it right!

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