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Starting a Small Business? Consider Ductless Heating and Cooling!

Starting up a small business is a big deal. There are many decisions to make that the company’s future success may hinge upon. One of those choices is what type of heating and air conditioning system your new location will use. The most common heating and cooling system for businesses is the packaged unit, which is usually housed up on the roof. But if you are looking for something different for a smaller space, heating and cooling that will save you money and give you more room, then you should consider a ductless mini split heat pump.

How this differs from standard commercial heating and cooling

Heat pumps, which use the action of an air conditioner to provide both heating and cooling to a space, are the conventional way to provide comfort for businesses. Usually, they connect to a ventilation system. A rooftop packaged unit connects into the building through the vents, while a split system has a single indoor unit connected to the vents. A ductless system is similar to the split system—except that it uses multiple indoor units. These units are small air handlers that are mounted on the walls in the places in the building that need conditioning. The air handlers send cooled/heated air straight into the space without any need for ducts.

Why this is beneficial

  • It’s great for new building construction. If you are truly starting from the ground-up, then ductless just makes sense because it eliminates having to put in ductwork at all. And that saves you space as well as the hassle of cleaning and maintaining the ducts.
  • It provides easy zone control. Each air handler can be operated separately from the others, making it simple for employees to adjust the temperature wherever they are.
  • It will save you money. There’s less heat loss and heat gain with a ductless system. They also use smaller motors than a standard commercial HVAC system. You can expect lower energy bills thanks to going ductless.
  • It’s modular. If you need more heating and cooling, or your space expands, you can simply add another mini split system without worrying about changing the ductwork!

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