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What Is the Best Brand of Heating System?

We live in a world that is heavily branded, where product brands advertise themselves heavily at every opportunity, and where people talk about brand loyalty: Are you a Starbucks fan or a Coffee Bean fan? Do you go with an Apple iPhone or are you dedicated to your Android?

So it makes sense to ask about the best brands when it comes to something like a furnace or heat pump. Trane, York, Amana, etc. What’s the best brand to have installed when you need great heating for your home?

Answer: There is no such thing as a “best” brand!

This is one of the major misconceptions people have about HVAC equipment: that one brand is superior to another. The truth is that the level of quality of product among all the major brands is essential identical. Models may offer different features, and one company may boast of a particular technology that sets them above the rest. But fundamentally, as long as you purchase the same piece of equipment, it will work the same no matter what company it comes from.

The difference is in who installs it

Here’s the important piece of information to know. The contractor is the one makes the difference in the performance of a new heating system, not the brand. The finest name-brand in the world that makes amazing promises about the efficiency of its natural gas furnace won’t mean much at all if an inferior contractor without the necessary experience or training handles the installation. In the hands of a great contractor, any of the top brands will do that job. The contractor is more important than the brand.

Trust to our team for your heating services

We have been in business since 1987 installing and servicing heaters throughout Central and Northern New Jersey. Our slogan is “We Do It Right!” and we stand by that. Our team will see that the heating system you receive—regardless of brand—will do exactly the job you need from it.

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