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Is It Time for a New Commercial Heating System?

If you run a business in New Jersey, one of the nightmare scenarios for winter is a heating system that abruptly gives out. A frigid cold building means unproductive employees, complaining clients and tenants, and customers who will simply go elsewhere. No matter what type of commercial enterprise you run, a dependable heating system is a must.

To help make sure that your heating system continues working, it’s vital to recognize when it’s time to replace it with a new one. Below are some of our tips for when to call us to arrange for a new commercial heating system.

  • System age: Check to find out how long ago your current system was installed, and then find out the estimated lifespan. Many systems can last for more than 20 years, but over that is pushing it. It’s better to be on the safe side—as well as the energy-saving side—and have a new, high-efficiency unit installed.
  • Escalating energy bills: You keep a close watch on company finances. If you see that you’re paying more in energy bills during the winter than usual, and you can’t account for why, it may be a failing heater. Commercial HVAC technicians can find out if you need a new system or only repairs.
  • Cold spots: Because the standard commercial heating and cooling system is located on the roof, it can be difficult to notice strange behavior from it. But one easy indication is when rooms in the building aren’t getting as warm as they once did. Scattered cold spots indicate a system that’s struggling—probably because it’s too old.
  • Noise from the vents: Here’s another warning sign. Noisy operation from a rooftop unit will echo down the vents. It’s time to call on experts to see if the system needs to be retired.

For commercial HVAC systems 25 tons and under, we’re the experts to call. We handle all types of light commercial heating and cooling.

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