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How Ducts Leaks Affect Your Heating System

When you’re thinking about your heating system, the parts of it that come to mind are probably your furnace itself and maybe your thermostat, but you should focus more on your ductwork. Your ductwork is an extremely important part of your HVAC system, so without quality ductwork, you can’t have quality heating. Forced-air heating systems rely heavily on your ductwork. Problems in your air ducts will cut into your comfort and it will quickly become issues with your heating.

You can count on our team when you need duct services that boost the efficiency of your home. If you’re looking for great service for your ductwork here in Westfield, NJ, contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

Understanding Your Ductwork

Your ductwork is an important part of your HVAC system. Whether you’re heating in the winter or cooling in the summer, all the conditioned air in your home has to pass through your network of ducts. If you don’t have your ducts cleaned on a routine basis, they’re easily clogged with debris and the efficiency is lowered drastically. The natural wear and tear that your ductwork incurs may also lead to leaks or tears within your ductwork that cause issues.

Here’s How to Tell If You Need Duct Repair

Need help looking for the warning signs that you need duct repair? Here are a few:

Strange Noises: Your ductwork isn’t silent. When there’s a large amount of air flowing through your system you’re bound to hear some noises as the ducts expand and contract due to the heat. If you hear an occasional popping sound from your ducts, there’s nothing to worry about, but other loud noises that persist for much longer are a huge problem. If this is a problem in your home, then make sure to call a professional for service.

High Heating Bills: Notice that your heating bills this winter seem a little high? This is because an HVAC system with poorly maintained ductwork can never reach its full potential. When your ductwork is leaking or clogged it becomes an uphill battle to reach your desired temperature because your system has to use more energy to provide the same amount of heat.

Hot or Cold Spots: When your ductwork is under capacity it creates hot and cold spots throughout your home. If you notice that you always seem to have a cool spot in your home this winter, even when the heater is running, it’s more than likely that you have a problem with your ducts that’s preventing the airflow in that space.

Foul Odors: Do you have a foul odor in your home any time you turn on your air conditioning or heater? Don’t just sit back idly and try to get used to that smell. This is a clear sign that your HVAC system is struggling in some way and your ductwork could be a culprit if you haven’t had it cleaned in a while. An excess amount of moisture built up within your ductwork is a symptom that leads to foul odor.

Your ductwork is one of the biggest factors in the quality of your home heating. If you want to boost your efficiency this winter, call Air Creations, Inc. today to schedule an appointment.

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