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October Is Here! Have You Planned Heating Maintenance Yet?

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

furnace-repair-technicianIt’s amazing that it’s already October and the stores have their Halloween displays put up. You may be planning a costume, or maybe planning a party. But there’s other planning we recommend you do in October.

Fall is the season when residential heating systems need special attention from HVAC professionals to ensure they are prepared for the coming winter. If you haven’t scheduled your fall heating maintenance yet, right now is the ideal time to contact us and get on the schedule.

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AC Repairs You May Need in the Second Half of Summer

Monday, August 7th, 2017

tools-on-ac-unitNow that we’re in the late summer (August already!), air conditioners are entering into a higher risk zone. At this point, a home’s air conditioner has been working steadily for at least two months, and that means it will have picked up a good deal of wear and tear. If the air conditioner had its regular maintenance inspection and tune-up during the spring, it should still be able to make it through the rest of the summer in good condition.

But nothing is certain, and if the AC didn’t have regular maintenance, the likelihood of something going wrong is much higher. (Make sure you sign up for our Comfort Plan so you’ll always have your HVAC system maintained for both hot and cold weather.)

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“AC Spring Tune-Up Specials” vs. Regular Maintenance: Know the Difference

Monday, June 12th, 2017

service-reminderIn the final days before the serious heat of summer arrives, you’ll start to see advertisements from HVAC companies offering “Spring Tune-Up” SPECIALS!!!! These are common from larger companies, and … there’s good reason to be feel cautious about them. In general, always feel cautious about multiple exclamation points.

We want to remind readers that spring maintenance is vital for any air conditioning system. Our New Jersey summers are hot and humid, and this puts immense pressure on ACs. Unless a cooling system receives full treatment from an HVAC professional to inspect, clean, and tune it up, it will be in danger of a malfunction and energy-inefficient performance. In the long term, neglect of maintenance will lead to a system that needs to be replaced years before it should. An air conditioner’s warranty can also be voided because it misses annual maintenance.

But there’s a difference between these “spring tune-up specials!!!!” one-time charges for AC maintenance, and signing up for routine maintenance through a program with a respected local HVAC company.

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Looking into Air Conditioning Efficiency: SEER and EER

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

money-savings-houseSpring is a good season of the year to take stock of an air conditioning system in a house and ask a few tough questions, such as “Is this AC over the hill and ready to be replaced?” You don’t want to head into the summer heat of New Jersey with an air conditioner liable to stop working at the worst time. (They always pick the worst time, as anyone with a history working in AC repair can tell you.) When you think you have an air conditioner at a high risk of dying during the coming summer, have our technicians assist you with a new AC installation.

One of the many reasons you want professionals for this job is because they can help you navigate the many stats for an AC to find the right one for your needs. Among the most vital of air conditioner stats are the two efficiency ratings, EER and SEER. Let’s take a close look at these.

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Why High Efficiency Furnaces Are So… Highly Efficient?

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

money_signs_out_of_house_chimneyThe true winter weather is on the way, with colder temperatures and the anticipation of snow. Make sure that you make preparations for the deepest part of the season, such as taking a look at the City of Summit Department of Community Service’s Snow Guidelines and consider if you need to replace your old and untrustworthy furnace with a new, high-efficiency model.

Last week we investigated the rate of return on putting in a high efficiency heating system. This week, we’d like to explain why high efficiency furnaces are able to use so much less energy than other models. What’s the secret behind the high efficiency? It’s more than one thing, as we’ll talk about below.

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The Power of UV Air Purifiers for a Healthier Winter

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Winter is not only the season of snow and chilly temperatures, it’s the season of flus and colds. We know that you don’t want to get sick, or for anyone in your household to come down with something. But aside from a few medical preventions and some other precautions, is there much more you can do to protect yourself and your family?

There is a tactic that you might not have thought of: contact HVAC professionals to install a UV air purifier for your house.

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