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Sign Up for Our Maintenance Program This Fall!

September doesn’t officially turn into fall until the 22nd. But as soon as Labor Day is over, the summer is essentially over as well and everyone starts to shift into autumn mode. It’s time to plan for colder weather, even though the colder weather hasn’t arrived yet.

Our advice for you this fall season is to sign up for our Comfort Plan. It offers the maintenance you need on your heating system to ensure a comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient winter season.

What the Comfort Plan Does for You

The Air Creations Comfort Plan provides comprehensive heating and air conditioning maintenance each year. Our skilled HVAC technicians visit your home during spring and fall to tune-up your HVAC system so that it’s ready for the stresses of the coming season, whatever it is. Here are some of the benefits of regular maintenance:

  • Longer equipment life: You can expect your air conditioner and heater to last up to and possibly beyond their manufacturer’s service life estimate thanks to annual maintenance.
  • Fewer repairs: The majority of malfunctions that might afflict a heating or air conditioning system can be avoided thanks to the careful inspections of professionals and their routine cleaning and adjustments.
  • Energy-saving performance: Studies by the U.S. Department of Energy have found that an HVAC system that receives annual maintenance saves on average $33 a month in performance costs.
  • Safety: Homes that use natural gas-powered heating systems, such as furnaces and boilers, need routine checks to make certain the heaters are running without safety hazards.

These are the general benefits of the work that our HVAC technicians do. Joining our Comfort Plan offers some specific membership benefits:

  • Priority scheduling: You can jump to the head of the service queue.
  • Free diagnostic
  • No charges for troubleshooting
  • A 20% discount off of billable repairs
  • Free quotes on upgrades and accessories

And there’s more… you can call our technicians to find out additional details and arrange for your first maintenance visit this fall.

To join the Comfort Plan, call Air Creations, Inc. in Westfield, NJ today. “We Do It Right!”

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