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Spring Check for Carbon Monoxide and Other Dangers

Monday, April 17th, 2017

goodnight-kissSpring cleaning means more than dusting off a few shelves or sweeping the driveway—or even dong your taxes. Spring is the ideal time for you to take steps to ensure the safety systems in your house are working as they should, or to have new ones installed. Our technicians are experts at providing heating and air conditioning services to Westfield, NJ, and the surrounding areas, but they also know ways for proper ventilation that helps protect families from harmful gases.

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Looking into Air Conditioning Efficiency: SEER and EER

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

money-savings-houseSpring is a good season of the year to take stock of an air conditioning system in a house and ask a few tough questions, such as “Is this AC over the hill and ready to be replaced?” You don’t want to head into the summer heat of New Jersey with an air conditioner liable to stop working at the worst time. (They always pick the worst time, as anyone with a history working in AC repair can tell you.) When you think you have an air conditioner at a high risk of dying during the coming summer, have our technicians assist you with a new AC installation.

One of the many reasons you want professionals for this job is because they can help you navigate the many stats for an AC to find the right one for your needs. Among the most vital of air conditioner stats are the two efficiency ratings, EER and SEER. Let’s take a close look at these.

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